Admin’s budget funds commercial crew though at lower level

Though the budget isn’t supposed to be released until 1:30 pm and presented at 2:00 pm, things are starting to come out already. Here are the basics of the budget: /– NASA budget freeze slows rocket development – The Flame Trench/Florida Today /– NASA Budget summary – (pdf)

> Under Obama’s budget, NASA would spend $850 million next year helping private rocket companies develop a rocket to travel to and from the space station. That figure is $1.2 billion less than what the policy law envisions for commercial rocket development.

I will check but I don’t believe CC was going to get $2.05B in 2012 under the Authorization bill passed last year. He must be comparing the $850M to the Administration’s original plan.

Other budget items: /– NASA Announces Plan To Win The Future With Fiscal Year 2012 Budget – NASA /– How will NASA plan to ‘win the future’ in its budget request? – Space Politics

Update: Some initial reactions: /– NASA Wants More For Commercial Crew, Technology – Aviation Week /– NASA FY12 budget: first look – Space Politics /– President Obama Freezes NASA’s Budget at 2010 Levels –


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