Garriott spreads the NewSpace Gospel to gamers

Richard Garriott talked some about games but mostly about his space experience and about the exciting developments in entrepreneurial space during his presentation at the DICE 2011 event: Richard Garriott touches down at DICE: Ultima creator and astronaut recounts his time in space and advocates the role of gamers in helping open up the privatization of the stars – PC News at GameSpot (via Trent Waddington).

Update: Jeff Foust points to another article about Garriott at DICE that includes more about how he is working with Armadillo: DICE 2011: Richard Garriott Talks Space Flight, Carmack Team-Up – Gamasutra – Feb.10.11

> As far as the future of space travel, Garriott sees it coming from the private sector, notably John Carmack of id Software, with his company Armadillo Aerospace. “His next stage is to be able to send people into space on a vertical takeoff vertical landing orbit,” said Garriott, who revealed that he is now helping fund Carmack’s venture by funneling in money from investors who want to eventually take a space flight.


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