NewSpace Log update…

I have updated the 2011 NewSpace Log up through yesterday. The January highlights include: /– The shakeup of the Spaceport America management

/– Space Adventures announced the resumption of commercial Soyuz flights in 2013.

/– Bigelow Aerospace and NASA discuss installation of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) on the ISS.

/– Bigelow and UAE sign a memorandum of understanding for use of Bigelow’s orbital habitats. UAE becomes seventh Sovereign Client.

/– SpaceX posts an update on its proposal for the NASA commercial crew development program.

/– Armadillo Aerospace posts an update on their Tube Rocket project.

/– Masten Space begins static engine tests of Xaero (aka Brutus), which will be their first high altitude vehicle.

/– SpaceShipTwo makes a glide flight.

See also the NewSpace News Issue #68, February 2010 – Space Frontier Foundation.


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