Bigelow on space in Florida; Martin Sweeting on space in Mideast

More about Robert Bigelow’s presentation at the Bigelow/Space Florida event yesterday: /– Nevada Aerospace Company Aims for Florida – Sunshine State News /– Bigelow Could Bring 2,000 Jobs to Space Coast – Space KSC === Sir Martin Sweeting, Chairman of Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) and professor at the University of Surrey, is bullish about space industry development in the Mid-East: “MENA Region to benefit from high-tech commercial opportunities in space,” says expert – Arabian Aerospace. He’s also bullish on BEO human missions:

> He looks forward to manned space exploration returning within the next ten years after the discovery of significant amounts of water on the Moon and, never one to miss a business opportunity, Sweeting plans to surround the Moon with small satellites to give astronauts internet and communication capabilities.


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