Active Changes Occuring in Mars

A time-series of black and white and false-color sub-images, from left to right at three sites in a field of transverse dunes at 84.7°N, 0.7°E shows that extensive erosion has taken place in one Mars year. Image courtesy of Science/AAAS.

Mars, it is a-changin’, and more than scientists expected. Several series of before-and-after images taken by the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter the past two years show sand dunes in Mars northern hemisphere changing – both gradually and suddenly. A team of researchers analyzing the images say that the changes have been caused mostly by sand and ice cascading down the slipfaces of the dunes. But, also, there could be “alien” processes that we don’t see occurring on Earth.

“The numbers and magnitude of the changes have been really surprising,” said HiRISE Deputy Principal Investigator Candice Hansen. (…) Read the rest of Active Changes Occuring in Mars’ Northern Hemisphere (706 words)

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