Bigelow Aerospace & Space Florida to sign MOU at Feb.2 event

Space Florida says that at an event next week in Cape Canaveral,

> Robert Bigelow – president of Bigelow Aerospace, Frank DiBello – president of Space Florida, and Dr. George Sowers – United Launch Alliance Vice President of Business Development and Advanced Programs, will address up to 100 community leaders and news media to discuss the future of commercial space in Central Florida and the role Bigelow may play in that future.

At this event, Mr. Bigelow and Mr. DiBello will sign a Memorandum of Understanding representing a business development partnership between both entities. Additionally, Mr. Bigelow will directly address the audience regarding his company’s plans for growth in the coming months and years.

Elected officials will be present at this event, including County Commissioners and State legislators. Additionally, Governor Rick Scott, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Bill Nelson have been invited to attend.


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