NewSpace discussion at German DLD conference

The DLD (Digital – Life – Design) conference in Munich will webcast live at 12:20 pm EST today the following panel discussion (link via Jeff Foust):

> New Space Mission Eric Anderson (Space Adventures) Georges Whitesides (Virgin Galactic) Moderated by: Spencer Reiss (WIRED Magazine)

Update: George said that they hope to carry out the first commercial flights by the end of this year, not just manned test flights. They expect to fly 500 people in the first year of operation.

Eric says they have sold one of the two seats for a circumlunar flight that could take place as early as 2015. Price is $150M.

Update: Notes from Jeff Foust on Twitter: /– Eric Anderson says Space Adventures has sold 1 seat for a circumlunar flight at $150M, one more seat available. /– Anderson won’t reveal the name of the circumlunar customer other than it’s a recognizable name. Says flight planned for ~2015. /– George Whitesides says that if the US Gov’t allows the export of the WK2/SS2 system, the 1st place it will go is Abu Dhabi. /– Whitesides: expect Virgin Galactic to be cash flow positive “very quickly” once ops begin, flying ~500 in 1st year. /– Whitesides: Virgin will spend about $500M before operations begin in 2012


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