Aerojet wants SLS Booster Contract Competed

If they follow through with their intent mentioned earlier today to try and force an honest competition for the SLS booster system, that’s great news.  One of my single biggest pet peeves about CxP was that NASA, behind closed doors, and without open input from industry (other than ATK) comes up with a plan that keeps ATK from having to face honest competition for its SRB business for another several decades.  The fact that Shelby could with a straight face use terms like bailouts to refer to NASA’s Commercial Crew/Cargo efforts, while countenancing an uncompeted contract worth billions of dollars to a company that just so happens to be his biggest campaign contributor just goes to show part of what’s wrong with our government.

Bravo Aerojet for showing some cajones!  If you guys setup a legal fund to help pay for trying to force this issue, you’d have at least one donation.


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