SpaceTEC – resource center for aerospace technical education

I’ve been informed that SpaceTEC, a space workforce training and certification organization, now has a blog and discussion forum: /– “Space Update” – /–

Dr. Al Koller, founder of SpaceTEC, was on the Dec. 20, 2010 episode of The Space Show.

I see that SpaceTEC describes itself as “the National Resource Center For Aerospace Technical Education” and says it

> provides the only national performance-based certifications for aerospace technicians in the United States today.

In the face of increasing competition in the job market, obtaining nationally recognized professional certifications has become a focus for many new graduates and transitioning aerospace workers.

In response to this need, SpaceTEC has expanded the availability of readiness course materials and increased the use of both the core certification exam and exams covering advanced concentrations in three key areas:

* Aerospace vehicle processing * Aerospace manufacturing * Composites

In addition to its certification activities, SpaceTEC:

* Operates a repository of aerospace-related education materials and best practices. * Supports student recruitment and outreach activities to foster interest in aerospace and STEM. * Maintains and expands a sustainable national network of aerospace partners. * Promotes professional development opportunities for educators and practitioners, and * Manages a national skill-based credentialing program for aerospace stakeholders.


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