Excalibur Almaz’s space stations; McKay, Tumlinson, et al video; An ISS X PRIZE proposal

Some further information on the two Russian spacecraft (see announcement) brought to the Isle of Man by the Excalibur Almaz venture: Plans for space stations not yet decided – isleofman.com. Leroy Chiao comments in this audio clip (wma). === Here’s the first part of a video of a panel discussion “featuring Dr. Chris McKay and Rick Tumlinson” at the NewSpace 2010 conference last summer: The Road Forward, part 1 – The Near and Far Frontiers/MoonandbackTheir discussion focused on the following:

> What does the future hold for the space industry? What role should NASA play and how should commercial companies (new and old) fit into this plan? What destinations and business cases should be the focus of efforts?

=== Stephen C. Smith proposes a prize program focused on awarding successful applications of the ISS: The ISS X Prize – Space KSC .

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=26333

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