Upper stage to centrifuge; Moon base plans; Moon core

John Hare follows up on his earlier post about the challenges of creating spin gravity with a short moment arm with a look at making a small centrifuge out of an upper stage: Implementing a Small Centrifugal Module – Selenian Boondocks.

(I see that in the comments section of the earlier post, Andrew Platzer posted a link to a paper by the Univ. of Texas Galveston on their study of periodic rides on a small centrifuge to prevent muscle mass loss: Artificial gravity maintains skeletal muscle protein synthesis during 21 days of simulated microgravity – T. B. Symons et al – Jour. Applied Physiology – 2009 (pdf).) === Ken Anthony discusses lunar development schemes including the plan by Paul Spudis and Tony Lavoie: /– The Spudis’ plan – Brain Explosions – Jan.8.10 /– Things to bring to the moon – Brain Explosions – Jan.8.10 === Jack Kennedy reports on the recently released study of the structure of the lunar core that re-examined data from the seismic devices placed on the Moon during the Apollo missions: Apollo Data Discloses Moon with Liquid Core – Spaceports.

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=26310

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