Space Access Society update and conference information

I earlier mentioned the Space Access Society’s annual conferences. SAS leader Henry Vanderbilt has posted the following message about recent SAS activities and includes details about the next conference:

> Friday 1/7/11 – We’ve spent the last few months doing things that pay the bills around here. There’s been no further definite action on a NASA Exploration Appropriation since the S.3729 Authorization passed last September 29th. NASA (along with the rest of the government) is currently operating under a “continuing resolution” Appropriation which runs out March 4th. The new Congress will likely do something about NASA Exploration funding in the coming months, but what, and when, is not yet clear. More on all that when we know more.

Meanwhile, Space Access’11, our next annual conference on the technology, politics, and business of radically cheaper space transportation is coming up in just three months. SA’11 sessions will run Thursday afternoon April 7th through Saturday evening April 9th 2011. The conference will once again take place at the Grace Inn in Phoenix Arizona. We’ve negotiated a reduced room rate this year of $79 a night single or double, hot breakfast buffet included, call 800 843-6010 (or 480 893-3000) for reservations, and mention “Space Access” for our discount room rate. Conference registration is $100 in advance ($120 at the door), and for the moment we’re still only accepting mailed checks for advance registrations. Include your name, the affiliation (if any) you want listed on your badge, your email address, make checks out to “Space Access ’11”, and mail them to Space Access ’11, PO Box 16034, Phoenix AZ 85011.

Here is a page of resources for last year’s Space Access’10 meeting.


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