Apollo Data Retooled to Provide Precise Readings on Moon

A new look at Apollo era data has provided a better understanding of the Moon’s core. Credit: NASA

A new look at data from seismic experiments left on the Moon by Apollo astronauts has given researchers a better understanding of the lunar interior. The Moon’s core appears to be very similar to the Earth’s — with a solid inner core and molten liquid outer core — and its size is right in the middle of previous estimates.

“While the presence of a liquid core had previously been inferred from other geophysical measurements, we have made the first direct seismic observation of a liquid outer core,” said Dr. Renee Weber, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, who led the team of researchers. (…) Read the rest of Apollo Data Retooled to Provide Precise Readings on Moon’s Core (537 words)

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