Time flies … in one-year videos

It’s the start of a New Year — giving us 31,557,600 seconds to check off all those things we resolved to do as we celebrated the end of 2010. That seems like plenty of time, right? Before you procrastinate, though, check out this video above.

Norway’s Eirik Solheim created the video, which uses time-lapse photography to condense the passage of a year into just 40 seconds — a beautiful illustration of the changes of the seasons that sometimes escape us when time marches at its regular beat.

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Let it also serve as a reminder that before we know it winter will be over, spring will have sprung into summer, the fall harvest will be done and holiday shopping will be upon once again. So don’t wait for tomorrow, 2012 is just around the corner.

Since the success of the “one year in 40 seconds” video, which Solheim made in 2008, he’s upped the ante with a “one year in 90 seconds” video, shown below. This one uses a slightly different method, which involves morphing short video clips into each other to add action to the seasonal scenes.

You can view more videos from the series at Solheim’s website, where he explains how he made them by placing his camera at the same spot in Oslo, Norway, at regular intervals throughout the year.

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