A travel day…

We’re about to hit the road for the long trip back to Maryland. Will try to return to posting late this evening.

Here are some misc. items from a scan of the space web-o-sphere: /– “That can’t be too hard to undo” – Space Politics

/– Dr. Greg Baiden, Sunday, 01-02-11 – Thespaceshow’s Blog – see Prof. Baiden’s presentations in the SSI Space Manufacturing Conf. archive

/– Presentation by Dr. Chris McKay, part 1 – What NASA Can Do – Moonandback – McKay at the SSI conference.

/– Compelling Planetary Science Missions: Showdown Between Lunar Geophysical Network and Venus Climate Orbiter – Vision Restoration

/– Muse Aim to Play First Concert in Outer Space – Spinner – Would they really want to sing rather than look out the SpaceShipTwo windows?

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=26187

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