Space Music for The New Year 2011

Inner Spacesuit – Flanger

Death of the Space Piper – Rare Air

Dune Rider – Eat Static

We Are the Shepherds – O.M.F.O.

Alone – Red Planet

The Dream – Total Recall

Mutant Dancing (Code Remix)

Man on the Moon – R.E.M.

Apollo 13 – James Horner

I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut – Riff Raff

Fly By Night – Rush

Future Signs – The Warm Jets

Welcoming Home the Astronauts – Flickerstick

Jack Names the Planets – Ash

Ghosts of American Astronauts – Mekons

Reverb 10000 – Man or Astro Man?

Electrostatic Brain Field – Man or Astro Man?

Full on Scientist – Flanger

Manta Ray – Man or Astro Man?

Come On Come On – Sleeper

Where You Get Love – Matthew Sweet

Quiet – The Bad Astronaut

‘Shooting Star’ – Les Baxter

Pharaoh – Eat Static

Galak – Flanger

Man of Action – Matthew Good Band

San Francisco Serenade – The Bad Astronaut

18 – Moby

Kashmir – Led Zepplin

UFO Over Trenchtown – Eat Static


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