A new issue of The Lurio Report just came out. Here is the TOC:

Dragon’s Triumph – What Aftermath? Vol. 5, No. 21, December 31, 2010

Quick Updates:

CCDev 2 Submissions Boeing SpaceX Orbital Sciences Sierra Nevada Corporation Virgin Galactic, CCDev 2, and Private Orbital Market Data New XCOR Engine Combustion Chamber Firing Leadership Changes Will Whitehorn Leaving Virgin Galactic Eric Anderson New Chairman of CSF Addenda Burt Rutan Retirement Story Attribution No, I Meant “Imminent”

Dear Acquaintances,

– Achievement and Its Discontents –

Again to SpaceX – Congratulations! Cracking a Problem, a Rapid Remedy and a Two Way Street The Flight Performance and Capabilities Visions and Challenges The Raw Reactions Congress Gone Wild and Budget, Bureaucratic Threats Redux Can They “Go it Alone” Yet? – Entrepreneurs and Space Development

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