2010 commercial spaceflight review; KSC review; Space misfires in 2010

At Popular Mechanics, Rand Simberg posts a review of commercial spaceflight developments in the past year: 2010: A Momentous Year for Commercial Spaceflight: Amid much political turmoil, it was an exciting year for commercial spaceflight, with the achievement of many technical milestones, the announcement of new spaceports, the rollout or demonstration of new concepts for suborbital and orbital flight and commercial orbital facilities – Pop Mechanics. === This NASA KSC review also highlights commercial spaceflight activities at the center: Kennedy Space Center 2010 Review, Look Ahead – NASA – Dec.30.10 === A list of space related problems, failures and setbacks in the past year: Lost In Space: 8 Biggest Space Misfires of 2010 – Space.com

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