Media talking more about NASA’s budget debacle

The Orlando Sentinel articles this week on the impact of Falcon 9/Dragon’s success on NASA and on NASA being forced to waste money on canceled Constellation projects due to Sen. Shelby’s budget shenanigans have gotten distributed quite widely the past few days in the media. I’ve seen the Constellation story mentioned on TV news and a Google News search brings up dozens of articles and blog postings about it: Why NASA Is Spending Half a Billion D… – Google News.

Here are responses on a couple of libertarian oriented sites: /– Can NASA Compete with SpaceX? – Downsizing the Federal Government (via Transterrestrial Musings) /– Congress Pays $500 Million For Worthless Rocket – John Stossel

This attention will probably fade in the coming weeks but I hope there will be more of these sort of spotlights on the SpaceX success, NASA’s budget, and the hypocrisy of those in Congress who claim to be pro-private enterprise. This could help to protect the commercial cargo and crew program from being whacked, especially if the overall NASA budget is reduced.


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