Californiaâ??s Space Industryâ??s Large Impact on State, Nation and World

The California Space Authority has released a fact sheet on the impact of the state’s space sector, which accounts for $37.7 billion in direct revenue and more than over 450,000 jobs overall. Key excerpts below:

Economic Impact of California Space Enterprise

* Totals $93 Billion  (1) * Supports 450,000 Jobs * Provides $23 Billion in Wages * Represents 46% of the $81.9 Billion U.S. Space Market * Constitutes a Direct Impact of $38 Billion Representing 22% of the $174 Billion Global Space Market

(1) California Space Enterprise represents $93B of total economic activity, including induced demand.

(2) Satellite services includes direct-to-home television, mobile satellite phone, mobile satellite data, VSAT, direct internet, direct satellite radio, remote sensing (raw imagery and first order processing only), and transponder agreements.

(3) Ground equipment includes gateways, control stations, mobile terminals, VSATs, DBS dishes, handheld satellite phones, and satellite radio equipment.

Economic analysis provided by A.T. Kearney, based on 2009 data

* * *

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