CSA chief expects commercial rides to ISS on US vehicles

The head of the Canadian Space Agency is quite open to flying Canadian astronauts on commercial vehicles like Dragon: Canadian astronauts could take commercial flight to ISS – CTV News.

> MacLean would not rule it out when asked if a Canadian might hitch a ride on a commercial vessel, like SpaceX’s Dragon.

“If you were to ask me to be a betting man, when the time comes that will be a decision that I could see that could happen,” he told The Canadian Press.

“If everything goes well, and if it shows that to our satisfaction everything is OK, everything is safe and secure, yes, it’s possible.”

MacLean also has his eye on U.S. company Orbital Sciences, which is working on a winged space capsule.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is already scheduled to board a Russian Soyuz for a trip to the International Space Station in late 2012 for a six-month stay.

And MacLean says another ISS visit is forecast “for a few years after the flight of Hadfield.”

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