Discovery update; Bolstering commercial spaceflight; Space prizes roundup

The latest on Discovery, which is now back in the Vehicle Assembly Building: /– STS-133 Shuttle Report | Discovery makes return trip to assembly building – Spaceflight Now /– STS-133: Discovery arrives back to VAB – GUCP investigation results – nasaspaceflight,com – Dec.21.10 === Commercial spaceflight projects like SpaceX are finding success but remain in a precarious situation in which they are highly susceptible to overreaction to a failure. Commercial needs to be fully accepted by the government, which can bolster it in various ways: With Friends Like These… – SpaceTalkNOW – Dec.21.10. === Space Prizes blog posts a roundup of links: Fed Prize Authority, GLXP News Galore, Goddard Film Fest Winners, More.


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