Vote for the Top 10 Stories on Universe Today in 2010

Vote for your favorite news stories of 2010 on Universe Today! Below is a survey of 17 news topics that we published this past year (some are single articles, some are a combination of articles, such as the X-37B space plane, which includes prelaunch, launch, on-orbit and landing articles.) The stories were chosen based on the “most viewed” articles this year. Below the survey is a review of the choices, with more information and links to articles. After reviewing the choices, rate each story topic, with 1 being the highest rating, and 10 the lowest rating. If you feel an article doesn’t deserve Top 10 honors, choose “Not in Top 10.” We’ll tally up the results and post the Top 10 list on Universe Today next week. Feel free to leave *short* comments either in the comment section or on the poll about why you chose as you did, and we’ll re-post some of the best. Make sure you click “Done” when finished. Thanks for taking part in this poll!

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