Sunday space roundup…

Some misc. items on a slow space news day: /— Edward Ellegood posts “photos” of Boeing’s commercial space capsule atop three different boosters: See Boeing’s CST-100 capsule atop Atlas, Delta and Falco… on Twitpic

/– Latest on the diagnosis of NanoSail-D’s problems: NASA says NanoSail-D satellite failed to deploy from FASTSAT – Huntsville Times

/– The Indian space agency (ISRO) will have to wait a while long to find out if they have fixed the problem with their cryogenic upper stage that led to the failure of the GSLV launch last April: GSLV launch postponed –

/– I wish Japan would use it’s low cost space program to pursue innovative low cost approaches to space development rather than just doing a low cost emulation of the US and Soviet/Russian programs: Japan’s low-cost space programme pushes the limits – AFP – Dec.18.10

/– Doug Messier posts an item about changes to Germany’s space program: Germany Revamps Space Policy – Parabolic Arc

/– Jumping beats moonwalking – for a virtual robot – New Scientist – Dec.18.10

/– A Christmas on the Moon for Rocket City Space Pioneers.


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