Shuttle Veteran Bloomfield Joins Oceaneering


Oceaneering International, Inc. (NYSE:OII) announced that ex-astronaut Michael J. (“Mike”) Bloomfield has joined Oceaneering as its Vice President and General Manager of Oceaneering Space Systems.

Mr. Bloomfield is a veteran Astronaut of three Space Shuttle flights.  Selected as a NASA Astronaut in 1994, Mike served as Pilot on STS-86 and STS-jj97 and as Commander of STS-110.  While at NASA he also held important positions with the Astronaut Office including Chief of Safety and Chief Instructor Astronaut. Additionally, Mr. Bloomfield was Director of Shuttle Operations and Chief of the Shuttle Branch. He also served as Deputy Director of the Flight Crew Operations Directorate (FCOD) before leaving NASA in 2007 to join ATK as Vice President for Houston Operations.  In his new role at Oceaneering, Mr. Bloomfield will lead Oceaneering’s Space System Division, where he has responsibility for all aspects of the business.

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