French President Sarkozy Launches €250 Million Ariane 6 Program

Ariane 5

“A Memorandum of Understanding allocating €82.5 million to carrying out preparatory work linked to the post-Ariane-5 next-generation launcher has been signed. This is the first tranche of a €250 million programme financed by the “big loan”. CNES [Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales – French Space Agency] is the contracting authority for this work, which will be entrusted to space industry manufacturers. Thanks to this investment and work, France will contribute effectively to preparation of the future European launchers and support the excellence of the French players in this sector. This programme highlights the support for the strategic industrial sectors provided by the “big loan” which is preparing the future of French industry.”

Read French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s full communiqué concerning the future of his country’s space industry after the break.

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