After the short-term CR, a longer one

The passage by Congress Friday of a very short continuing resolution (CR), lasting only three days, raised hopes that the Senate might yet be able to find a way to pass either its own omnibus spending bill or the House’s year-long CR, giving NASA and other federal agencies some budgetary certainty. No such luck, it appears. Late Sunday the Senate Appropriations Committee announced its plans for another CR, this one extended through March 4, 2011. The new CR contains some additional “anomalies”, or changes, to FY2010 spending levels, but none of the anomalies listed in the Senate’s summary affect NASA or other civil or military space efforts beyond instituting a two-year pay freeze for federal civilian employees, a decision the Obama Administration announced earlier this month. Assuming this goes forward, it will be up to the next Congress to decide FY11 spending levels.


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