No Dragon in sight; A date to remember; Hall will defend Texas space

I’ve indicated a few times that the consequences of the successful Dragon mission may unfold slowly as its significance sinks gradually into the aerospace mainstream. However, for some the stream is the proverbial river in Egypt – Denial: /– Time Warp – Transterrestrial Musings /– Reports, Reports Everywhere, and not a Shuttle Replacement in Sight – Roger Launius’s Blog === A newspaper editor, though, appreciates the Dragon: Private spaces, public dreams: SpaceX part of what’s next – Telegram [Worcester, MA] – Dec.12.10. === According to a Dallas paper, Ralph Hall helped to prevent “President Barack Obama’s effort to end the human space flight program” – Sigh… :Ralph Hall gearing up for new role as chairman of House Science and Technology Committee – Dallas Morning News.

Hall is “skeptical of the private companies” and plans to call in Elon Musk to testify.


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