NASA SBIR Contract to Fund XCOR Composite Fuel Tank Development

XCOR’s Lynx suborbital vehicle

NASA recently announced that it would be conducting contract negotiations for 350 projects under its SBIR and STTR programs, which are aimed at promoting space technology development by small businesses. Parabolic Arc will be looking at a number of the proposals involving NewSpace companies that it regularly covers or which encompass interesting technologies.


LOCATION: Mojave, Calif.

PROPOSAL TITLE: Cryogenic Composite Tank Fabrication for Reusable Launch Vehicles

SUBTOPIC TITLE: Advanced Composite Tank and Materials Technologies


XCOR has conducted extensive research and development, and material characterization analysis of a nonflammable, high-strength, lightweight thermoplastic fluoropolymer composite material, trademarked NonburniteTM, which is suitable for making reusable, reliable, low cost cryogenic tanks and structures for space flight service.

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