SpaceX Payload? a wheel of cheese

Elon Musk promised to disclose today what surprise payload he included in the Dragon space capsule that went to orbit and successfully landed yesterday. The only hint provided was it would Monty Python-like. Musk promised to make the disclosure today, a promise kept.

The California rocket company that launched a spacecraft into orbit and successfully returned it to Earth this week has revealed its secret payload – a wheel of cheese. Space Exploration Technologies on Thursday released photographs of the wheel in a container that was bolted to the floor of its Dragon capsule for Wednesday’s test flight from Florida, reports The Los Angeles Times.

SpaceX says the flight of the round of Le Brouere was a tribute to the Monty Python comedy team, which had a famous cheese shop sketch. The capsule parachuted to a Pacific Ocean splashdown and the cheese is now on a barge headed to California.


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