More reaction Falcon 9/Dragon flight

Rand Simberg writes about the significance of today’s successful Falcon 9/Dragon mission: Opinion: SpaceX — A Huge Milestone in Private Spaceflight – === Other reaction: /– NASA Administrator Bolden’s Statement On Falcon 9 Launch – NASA /– Space Industry Leaders and Astronauts Congratulate SpaceX on Historic Flight of Dragon Spacecraft – Commercial Spaceflight Federation /– SpaceX Changes the Game in Space Flight – Space Frontier Foundation /– Historic Day for Commercial Space Flight – National Space Society Blog /– Something wonderful happened here – Jay Barbree/Cosmic Log === Some articles about the flight: /– Dragon Capsule Returns From Space – Aviation Week /– We Have Liftoff: SpaceX Launches Test Spacecraft – NPR /– Capsule Built by SpaceX Returns Safely From Orbit – /–SpaceX’s Commercially Developed Capsule Launches From Florida – === Here’s an interview with Elon written before the flight: Q & A with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk: Master of Private Space Dragons – === Stephen Clarke posts a comment from Gwynne Shotwell that I missed:

> Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX president, says the Dragon spacecraft may have landed within as little as 800 meters, or about one-half of a mile, within its splashdown aimpoint. The descent velocity under the main parachutes was about 18 mph, Shotwell said in a press briefing


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