More on the Falcon 9/Dragon flight

The draft NASA appropriations legislation allocates $1.2B to the Orion spacecraft, $100 million above what was in the authorization. After the events of today, maybe someone in Congress will ask if that is a sensible allocation of funding: A One-Two Punch At Orion – Transterrestrial Musings. === Bob Bigelow posts a message to SpaceX on the BA homepage: Bigelow Aerospace –

> Congratulations SpaceX! On behalf of myself and all of us at Bigelow Aerospace, we would like to congratulate our friends at SpaceX on the unprecedented success of the Falcon 9’s second launch and the inaugural flight of the Dragon capsule. Such early success with a rocket as affordable as the Falcon 9 represents an extraordinary accomplishment, and is a testament to the ingenuity and robust capability of the commercial space industry. Moreover, we applaud the demonstration of the Dragon capsule, an achievement that has the potential to substantially reduce America’s human spaceflight gap. Again, we wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Elon Musk and his entire team. – Robert T. Bigelow

=== Other comments on the successful mission: /– Altius Congratulates SpaceX on a Job Amazingly Well Done /— Five Years – Chair Force Engineer /— Spacex….Unreasonable Rocket

[Update: More comments on the flight: /– One giant leap for private enterprise – Michael Belfiore /– The Dragon capsule creates quite a splash – Spaceman/BBC ] === Some great images of the liftoff by Chris Thompson using cameras near the pad: Spaceflight Now === Spacevidcast posts the SpaceX webcast from just before the launch through the sign-off: SpaceX Falcon 9 Flight 2 Launch Webcast – Spacevidcast –

Update: Here are videos of the news conference. Part 1


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