A ‘snake’ slithers across the sun


A giant snakelike magnetic filament stretches out along the southeastern limb of the sun.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured what appears to be a giant snake slithering along the sun’s southeastern limb. The feature is actually a magnetic loop of dense gas suspended over the solar surface.

The snaky filament, which was first noticed last week by NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft stationed over the sun’s eastern horizon, showed signs of instability and had the potential for an impressive eruption, according to SpaceWeather.com. You’ve got to see SpaceWeather’s time-lapse animated image of the flare-up.

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An eruption of a solar flare and magnetic filament in August sent two waves of electrically charged particles towards Earth and caused a spectacular display of the northern lights. Will this filament, which is more than 435,000 miles long, or almost twice the distance from the Earth to the moon, have a similar effect? Stay tuned to SpaceWeather.com for pictures and updates.

Update for 7 p.m. ET: As a commenter has noted below, the eruption has taken place. SpaceWeather.com says “the eruption does not appear to be geoeffective,” which means there should be no impact on Earth. Phew!

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