SpaceX Falcon 9 test update

Waiting to hear further info from SpaceX about another static fire test. SpaceflightNow has posted this [Later modified]:

> The 1 p.m. EST static fire attempt was actually aborted before attaining the required 2 second burn at full thrust. SpaceX may try again this afternoon at 3 p.m. EST (2000 GMT), but the company has not said whether the launch team will actually make another attempt today.

The abort was ordered at T-minus 1.1 seconds due to a high chamber pressure in Engine No. 6.

Officials have programmed tight limits into the countdown and engine start sequence, and minor temperature and pressure issues can trigger an automatic abort.

Below is a video capture of the somewhat glitchy SpaceX webcast of the first test firing.

This article includes a report on preparations for the COTS I flight, including plans for the the Shuttle SRB recovery ships to move into place to attempt to recover the SpaceX first stage: SpaceX’s second Falcon 9 conducts Static Fire at the Cape –

Update 2:52 pm: Chris Bergin says,

> UPDATE: SpaceX Falcon 9 granted a range extension to 3:15pm Eastern if they opt to press ahead with the second stactic fire today


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