A travel day…

About to head out for the long drive to Knoxville for the holiday week. No further posts till late this evening. Here are some items of possible interest from a last minute scan of the space webosphere:

The Delta IV launch looks to be on track for tonight at 5:58 p.m. EST from Cape Canaveral: /– Delta Launch Report | Mission Status Center – Spaceflight Now /– Weather Forecast Degrades Slightly For Delta IV Launch Tonight – The Flame Trench/Florida Today

Copenhagen Suborbitals blog: /– XLR-3B – Et definitivt punktum. – Rumfart på den anden måde – Ingeniøren – (Google translation: XLR-3B – A definitive sentence – Space on the other way/Engineer)

/– Supersonic dream taking flight: As the first space tourists prepare for takeoff, The Telegraph’sPhilip Sherwell gets an insider’s view of the world’s first spaceport, where their extraordinary adventure will begin – Calgary Herald/The Telegraph – Nov.21.10 /– Space may be first frontier for the next major conflict: Canadian official – thestar.com

/– Astronaut Memorial’s CEO Makes $300,000 a Year – Space KSC /– Space nonprofit CEO’s pay unusually high: Astronauts Memorial Foundation’s board of directors say he’s worth it – Florida Today

/– FLORIDA SPACErePORT: November 21, 2010

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=25256

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