Moffet Field & Hangar One future uncertain

A reader points me to this article about the issue of what to do with Moffet Field and Hangar One, currently owned by the NASA Ames Research Center: Should Government Airport Used by Google Founders be Closed? – CNBC – Nov.19.10.

> In 2007, NASA signed a contract with Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to give them take off and landing rights at Moffett, the only private jets allowed to do so. The two billionaires now house their personal 767 and two G-5s on site. Brin and Page—not Google [… ] — pay annual rent of $1.3 million, much higher than comparable airports. Moffett is close to Google headquarters, and the agreement helped NASA justify keeping the airfield open for military flights (NASA also puts instruments on Page and Brin’s aircraft for testing).


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