CCDev regs; Utah pols design HLV; More space policy

Space News reports on the controversy started by Wayne Hale (see post here) about the preliminary set of requirements that would be placed on the commercial crew launch service systems: Former Shuttle Manager Decries NASAs Commercial Crew Safety Regs – === There have always been political influences on NASA’s programs but the blatant effort by the Utah delegation to dictate the use of a specific component in a rocket design so as to benefit a specific Utah company is remarkable: Utah members concerned NASA “circumventing the law” on heavy lift – Space Politics .

Update: A comment from Rand Simberg: Conservative Porkers – Transterrestrial Musings. === Some other space policy related items: /– /– Stadd sentenced to prison – Space Politics /– Outlook for FY2011 Appropriations Remains Murky – /– Lockheed Martin submits bid for Space Fence – Lockheed Martin/


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