WK2/SS2 out today; KLM & space tourism; SpaceX & Pop Sci Best of What’s New

Mike Laughlin has these two Tweeter posts: “SS2 back at the hanger” and “WK2 now back”. No previous posts about what they were doing so I cant tell if the WK2 and SS2 were doing ground testing of some sort or if they did another glide test.

Update: Mike tells me that there was in fact a glide test.

=== Regarding the KLM involvement with the XCOR Lynx flights in Curacao mentioned earlier, the New York Times Global Edition now has this article about the program: KLM to Offer a New Perk for Frequent Fliers: Outer Space – Int.Herald Tribune/NYT. === Elon Musk and SpaceX are pleased with the inclusion of the Falcon 9 in the 2010 Popular Science Best of What’s New selection (see earlier post): Popular Science Names Falcon 9 Best Of What’s New In 2010 – SpaceX.

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=25168

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