Will the Space Coast have representation on the next House science committee?

Central Florida had two of its representatives on the House Science and Technology Committee, Reps. Alan Grayson and Suzanne Kosmas, who both served on the space subcommittee. However, both lost their reelection bids earlier this month. Will their successors also seek similar committee assignments? Only one appears interested, though, and only as a backup option.

Rep.-elect Sandy Adams, who defeated Kosmas, told the Orlando Sentinel that she’s seeking a position on the appropriations committee, which would rule out serving on other committees. Getting on the committee as a new member is a long shot, the article acknowledges, but Adams hopes that the influx of new members, plus her experience as an appropriator in the Florida Legislature, boosts her chances of winning a seat there. If she fails, though, she said she would seek alternative positions, including taking Kosmas’s seat on the science committee. Rep.-elect Daniel Webster, who defeated Grayson, said in the same article he’s interested in the transportation, armed services, judiciary, and rules committee, and apparently not the science committee.

The science committee, meanwhile, lauded the passage of a resolution congratulating NASA for its role in the rescue of 33 Chilean miners. H.Res. 1714, passed by a voice vote Tuesday, “congratulates the engineers, scientists, psychologists, and staff” of NASA for its role in the rescue and states that NASA’s experience “acquired through space flight is beneficial to human life on Earth and was critical to the successful rescue of the Chilean miners.” Notably, the resolution was introduced by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), who appears the likely candidate to be the committee’s ranking member in the next Congress.

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