Stunning Image, Heartfelt Poetry Could Become Icons of Space Age

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson reflects on the view from the ISS’s Cupola. Credit: Doug Wheelock/NASA

Undoubtedly, this picture has what it takes to become an iconic image of human spaceflight, much like Apollo 8?s Earthrise or Bruce McCandless’ untethered spacewalk. Here, astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson looks down at Earth from the Cupola on the International Space Station, likely reflecting on both her home and her home in space. Everyone I know who has seen this image has just melted, with a sigh that says, “Oh, wow — that is just amazing!” (It made today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.) My initial thoughts were that this is the one of the most poetic image of human spaceflight I have ever seen. And sure enough, Stuart Atkinson (the guy who I nominate at the Poet Laureate of Space) was inspired by this image, too. He has written a magnificent, heartfelt poem that captures the spirit -as well as the technology — of this image, and very likely sums up Caldwell Dyson’s thoughts as she gazes out the Cupola windows.

Read “Blue” by Stuart Atkinson: (…) Read the rest of Stunning Image, Heartfelt Poetry Could Become Icons of Space Age (267 words)

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