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ObeyMyBrain via Etsy

A space shuttle hat created by ObeyMyBrain’s Josh Freeman is one of the semifinalists in the Space Craft Contest presented by NASA and Etsy. A smiling plush Hubble Space Telescope is attached to the hat.

Last month we told you that NASA was lending its weight to a different kind of space craft: space-related craft items created by the folks who frequent the Etsy e-commerce website. The Space Craft Contest, jointly presented by NASA and Etsy, solicited entries in three categories — 2-D original art, 2-D art reproductions and 3-D art, including wearable items.

Now 50 semifinalists have been selected for each of the three categories, and it’s up to Etsy members to select which creations will go on to the final round. Etsy membership is free, so you don’t have to pay a thing to register your choice.

The items in the semifinals include cute hats, cool rings, a moon cape, a wooden play set, a travel organizer for space tourists and oodles of beautiful artwork. There’s a NASA-themed felt headband that’s listed at the out-of-this-world price of $2,011, but it turns out that the maker plans to send it to spacewalking astronaut Mike Good’s wife when the contest is over, as a “thank you to NASA and the space shuttle program.”

A panel of judges, including NASA and Etsy representatives, will select the winners from the top 20 vote-getters in each category. The grand prize is a $500 Etsy shopping spree plus an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to Kennedy Space Center for the space shuttle Endeavour’s launch, currently scheduled for the end of February. Winners in each category will get $250 and swag from Etsy and NASA.

Etsy’s artists and craftspeople have been working on these entries for weeks — and now, to paraphrase Alan Shepard, it’s time to “light this candle.” The countdown for voting ticks down to zero on Nov. 19.

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