Curt Newport rocket video; Unreasonable plans; Rotary memories

Curt Newport, who is developing a reusable sounding rocket (see Liberty Bell 7 salvager Curt Newport launches sounding rocket – Space Transport News – Oct.10.10) points me to a video at showing a test launch at the Tripoli annual Balls 19 event in September: Space: Rocket Launch DIY Films Edge of Space : Video – Discovery News – Nov.3.10 === Paul Breed talks about Focus Fusion and then about his plans for the Nanosat launcher competition: Ways to save the world… and more Rockets – Unreasonable Rocket === Robin Snelson has recently posted a promotional video from the late 1990s about Rotary Rocket: /– Rotary Rocket, part of the Rotary Rocket Company video press kit – Spacerace News on USTREAM – Citizen Journalist /– A blast from the past: Rotary Rocket video – NewSpace Journal


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