TSC hangar ground-breaking; WK2/SS2’s NM trip

More info and pictures about the ground-breaking yesterday at Mojave Spaceport for new hangar for The Spaceship Company: /– TSC Hangar Groundbreaking: The Spaceship Company breaks ground on a new assembly hangar at Mojave Air & Space Port for the production of WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo – Virgin Galactic – Nov.9.10 /– Construction Begins on America’s First Commercial Spaceship Factory – Popular Science

> The new building, a 68,000 square foot, clear span, 737-sized hangar including offices, will serve as TSC’s operating headquarters once complete and be used primarily for the final assembly, integration and testing of TSC’s vehicles before they enter service. The building is sized to support the production of two WhiteKnightTwos and at least two SpaceShipTwos in parallel and has been designed to meet LEED standards.

=== In his latest report, Charles Lurio listed the following interesting aspects of the flight of the WhiteKnightTwo/SpaceShipTwo combo to the Spaceport America runway dedication: /– “Operational personnel only got the final word that the landing was a “go” about 48 hours before the flight /– The White Knight’s wheels were locked down during the roundtrip, a continued caution until complete resolution of the recent landing gear incident /– There was a truck “hidden” at the end of the runway, which allowed topping off the WK2’s fuel tanks before returning to Mojave, just as a precaution”

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