Texas bill would boost commercial spaceflight liability protection

A Texas legislator has introduced a bill to give space tourism providers stronger liability protection from lawsuits when passengers had signed waivers: Blue Origin -Van Horn and Beyond: … Uresti Pre-Files Space Flight Liability bill – The Winkler Post – Nov.4.10 (via a reader).

> Senate Bill 115 would strengthen the legal waivers of liability signed by passengers who were made aware of the risks involved with sub-orbital space flight.

“This bill will make sure that courts enforce waivers of liability and provide a greater degree of certainty to private space flight companies,” Uresti said. “The space tourism industry holds a lot of promise for the West Texas economy, and this bill should give it a big boost.”

The bill is aimed to support Blue Origin but would also help Armadillo Aerospace.

URL: http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=24949

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