Repubs Could Take Sledge Hammer to NASA Funding

Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center

Last month, the nation’s leaders completed a lengthy public debate about the future of its civilian space program that included the Augustine Committee report, the Administration’s controversial prescription for change, and many hours of Congressional hearings, lobbying and debate.

Whatever shortcomings there were in that contentious discussion (and there were many), it was at least based upon some careful thought about where we want to go in space, how we want to get there, and how we could reasonably afford to pay for it.

The compromise that came out of Congressional sausage factory — flawed thought it might be — represents a fairly reasonable path forward within our constrained budget and political realities. It supports a nascent commercial sector to drive down costs and bring innovation to the space sector. The budget plan will undoubtedly need adjustments in the years ahead to account for the realities associated with actually executing programs, but it’s a decent start.

Sadly, all that effort may now be wasted….

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