**Program: **NASA Commercial Crew Development (CCDev)** Company:** United Launch Alliance** Project: ** Emergency Detection System for Atlas V and Delta IV rockets **Award:** $6.7 million

**Third Quarter Progress** **Report** _(July 1-Sept. 30, 2010)_

During this quarter, ULA successfully executed the Design Review which is the 3rd of 4 milestones in the July – September 2010 reporting period. In addition ULA performed a real time demonstration at the launch site, demonstrating ULA’s launch operations processes to the commercial crew team and the astronaut community.

Several technical reviews were held to determine the fault modes of the rocket that need to be detected in order to keep the crew safe and reliably send an abort signal. ULA hosted several members of the NASA human spaceflight community during all of these reviews and demonstrations, and worked well with the review teams.

We continue to make progress towards the demonstration opportunity in the fall, where ULA will demonstrate to the NASA and SC community the ability to abort during several crew emergency situations. We also worked with the crewed spacecraft community to make sure we understand the interfaces they require to make the Emergency Detection System functional, and include all the required interfaces in the final design.

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