Rocket City Space Pioneers open new facility, test new lander prototype

Tim Pickens reports on what he and other Rocket City Space Pioneers did at the ISPCS 2010 meeting in Las Cruces, NM: Rocket City Space Pioneers Representatives Participate in International Symposium on Personal and Commercial Spaceflight 2010 – X PRIZE Foundation

And here’s another interesting post from the RCSP team: Dynetics, Company Leader of the Rocket City Space Pioneers, Announces Plans for New High-Tech Facility – X PRIZE Foundation

> Last week, Dynetics announced the start of our new $50M prototyping facility here in Huntsville, Ala. At 225,000 square feet, it will provide a place to assemble, integrate and test our entry into the GLXP competition. We’ve set aside lab space for assembling satellites of many sorts, complete with an overhead crane and a large clean room for integration. We have a separate lab for vacuum/thermal tests. The facility will also expand our current capability to fabricate micro-electronics such as those we do for our modular telemetry system.


The day after the meeting we had a successful high pressure firing of the warm gas lunar lander we’ve fabricated. It is headed toward a full system test under the direction of teammate Teledyne Brown Engineering in a NASA test facility by February 2011. We’ll post some video of the most recent test very soon.


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