Space Review Looks at Bigelow, Mars

Robert Bigelow

In _The Space Review_ this week….

**Bigelow still thinks big** _For over a decade Bigelow Aerospace has been quietly working on inflatable habitat modules for use on commercial space stations. Jeff Foust reports on how, as the company’s profile grows, so do its ambitions._

**Secrets of the red planet** _The movie __Capricorn One_ hardly put NASA in a good light, yet the movie uses props like a lunar lander replica. Dwayne Day examines how the movie producers got access to that hardware.

Review: _Trailblazing Mars_ _Mars is now written into law as the the long-term objective for NASA’s human spaceflight plans, but how will the agency manage to get there? Jeff Foust reviews a book that studies the issues of sending humans to the Red Planet._

**Deep ops** _On the first KH-9 reconnaissance satellite mission, one of its reentry capsules missed its midair capture and plummeted to the bottom of the Pacific. Dwayne Day recounts the effort by the US Navy to recover that capsule. _

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