US drifting from China in space

In light of this space-related gridlock involving the US and China, Joan Johnson-Freese, professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College in Rhode Island, labeled Bolden’s trip as little more than a gesture.

“The good news is that Bolden went to China and the Obama administration is far more open to working with China than the [George W] Bush administration was; the bad news is that I do not think the US is any closer to substantively working with China on space than it was during the Bush administration,” said Johnson-Freese.

“The problems are twofold: the entire US civil space program is still in an upheaval since [the Constellation program] was canceled – a cancellation likely inevitable due to the goals-resources mismatch – and there are still a large number of legislators who do not want to work with China on much of anything. So regardless of good intentions, the visit seemed more of a gesture than a step forward,” writes **Peter J. Brown in The Asia Times**.

**The Brown article** provides insight on the drift in space between China and the United States.


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