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The renewed Sea Launch plans its next launch in the 3rd Quarter of 2011: /– Debt-free Sea Launch emerges from bankruptcy – Spaceflight Now /– Sea Launch Company Emerges From Chapter 11 – Sea Launch – Oct.27.10 === My goodness, as many as 32 sounding rockets from Poker Flat have “bombed” the 19 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) of northern Alaska since 1982. Some of the 1000 people who visit ANWR each year are appalled: Research rockets rain down on ANWR – AlaskaDispatch (via spacetoday.net). === A couple of space plasma science spacecraft are following an interesting maneuver to move themselves into orbit around the Moon: Out of THEMIS, ARTEMIS: Earth’s loss is moon’s gain – UC Berkeley – 10.27.2010 === This article goes into the details of how the cost of the James Web Space Telescope grew from an estimate in the range of “$500 million to $1 billion” in the mid-1990s up to the current guess of $5 billion: /– Space science: The telescope that ate astronomy: NASA’s next-generation space observatory promises to open new windows on the Universe — but its cost could close many more – Nature /– Diagrams of the JWST

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